Unraveling the Role of ABCB6: Insights from Antibody-Based Research

The ABCB6 antibody

The ABCB6 antibody is a type of protein-specific antibody that specifically targets the ABCB6 protein. ABCB6 is a member of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter family and plays a role in cellular transport processes. Antibodies against ABCB6 are used in research and diagnostics to detect and study the expression and function of this protein in various biological samples .


ABCB6 antibodies are designed to specifically bind to the ABCB6 protein, enabling researchers to accurately detect and study its expression and function without interference from other proteins.


High sensitivity allows for the detection of even low levels of ABCB6 expression in biological samples, enhancing the ability to observe subtle changes in protein levels or localization.


High-quality ABCB6 antibodies are rigorously validated for performance and consistency, ensuring reliable and reproducible results across experiments and laboratories.

ABCB6 Antibodies Applications

Western blotting

ABCB6 antibodies can be used to detect and quantify ABCB6 protein levels in cell lysates or tissue extracts, allowing researchers to study protein expression levels and changes under different experimental conditions.

    Flow cytometry 

Flow cytometry analysis with ABCB6 antibodies enables researchers to quantify ABCB6 expression levels in individual cells within a heterogeneous population, facilitating the study of ABCB6 expression dynamics in complex biological samples.


Functional studies

ABCB6 antibodies can be employed in functional assays, such as blocking or knockout experiments, to elucidate the role of ABCB6 in cellular processes such as drug transport, heme biosynthesis, and cellular detoxification.

Diagnostic and prognostic applications

  ABCB6 antibodies may have potential diagnostic or prognostic utility in certain diseases where ABCB6 expression is dysregulated, such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, or  certain hereditary disorders.

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