APC (Allophycocyanin) and PE (Phycoerythrin) Tandem Conjugation

APC and PE tandem conjugation ​

 Refers to the covalent attachment of these two fluorescent dyes to a single molecule, typically an antibody or a protein, for use in various biological assays.

    APC and PE tandem conjugation Applications 


One of the primary applications of APC and PE tandem conjugation is immunophenotyping, where it is used to identify and characterize different cell populations based on their surface marker expression profiles. By conjugating APC and PE to antibodies targeting specific cell surface markers, researchers can simultaneously analyze multiple markers within a single sample, providing a comprehensive understanding of cellular composition and function.

Cell Sorting

APC and PE tandem conjugates are also widely used in flow cytometry-based cell sorting applications. By leveraging the spectral overlap and brightness of these fluorophores, researchers can accurately sort target cell populations from complex mixtures with high precision. This enables isolation of rare cell populations, enrichment of specific cell subsets, and purification of cells for downstream analyses or therapeutic applications.

Multiplexed Analysis

APC and PE tandem conjugation enables multiplexed fluorescence-based analysis, allowing researchers to simultaneously detect and quantify multiple analytes within a single sample. This capability is particularly valuable in studies requiring comprehensive molecular profiling, biomarker discovery, or investigation of complex biological processes. By conjugating APC and PE to different targeting molecules (e.g., antibodies, nucleic acids), researchers can perform multiplexed assays to study interactions between various cellular components, pathways, or biomolecules.

    What makes APC and PE Tandem Conjugation diffrents ?

Spectral Overlap

The emission spectrum of APC overlaps well with the excitation spectrum of PE. This ensures efficient energy transfer between the two fluorophores, minimizing spectral spillover and enabling accurate multiplexed analysis in flow cytometry experiments.


Both APC and PE are bright fluorophores, emitting high signals relative to background noise. Tandem conjugation maintains the brightness of both fluorophores, facilitating the detection of low abundance targets in flow cytometry assays.  


APC and PE tandem conjugates are compatible with common flow cytometry instruments equipped with appropriate laser and filter configurations for excitation and detection of these fluorophores  

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